Are Berberry Bags Worth Their Prices?

The modest and elegant luxury inherent in all things produced by the legendary Burberry bags brand has long made the hearts of all fashionistas beat faster. It’s no secret that most of Nova Check’s handbags, umbrellas, gumboots, and scarves are fakes. As for branded trench coats, they are not just faked, but Chinese and domestic factories are copied in every way. But all these fake things can be recognized with the naked eye.


The first rule that you should focus on when buying original Burberry products is that shopping is recommended in branded stores or from authorized representatives of the brand. You should not pay attention to things with the Burberry label, which flaunts on the shelves of cheap stores in local shopping and entertainment centers or are presented on questionable websites (especially Chinese). Burberry is a premium brand that carefully monitors the maintenance of its image of an expensive and quality brand.


Sadly, a branded Burberry scarf cannot cost 1,500 rubles (not to mention bags and raincoats), even at a sale. The company uses only expensive fabrics in the production of all its products, which means that the price of products should be quite high, respectively.

Material quality

Authentic Burberry handbags, wallets, belts, boots, and gloves are made only from high-quality genuine leather. If you can immediately identify leatherette, then it will be almost impossible for tricky sellers to fool you.

The main thing to remember is that at Burberry factories, clothes are made from cotton, silk, wool, and cashmere. There can be no synthetic fabrics in the original products.

When choosing a particular brand item, pay particular attention to seams and finishes. All metal parts on accessories and clothing must be neatly and firmly attached to the product.

Nova check

By the famous cage, you can also determine what is in front of you: a fake or an original. The pattern should be even and proportional. On branded trousers (for example, pajamas), the cage should be symmetrically located on both trousers. On the headgear, the strips neatly dock at the top point.

Tear-off label

The original products must contain a tear-off cardboard label, which is attached to the label with a strong black thread and fastened with a plastic signet. On fake products, most often the label is tied with a beige thread of dubious quality.

Label and tag

The label usually indicates the brand, composition, and size of the product. Each product is sewn with an additional woven light beige label with the brand name or logo and information about the country of manufacture and composition.


Most often, fake makers make one gross mistake in spelling the brand name when they use only one capital letter at the beginning of a word. On authentic products, the brand name is always written only in capital letters – “BURBERRY”.


You can also identify original products by packaging. All Burberry items are packed in light beige boxes without any defects and indicating the season numbers and boxes on them. Fakes most often use black boxes or ordinary plastic bags.

So why are such bags worth the money? The quality of things is the first thing that comes to mind for everyone who thinks about the difference in price. Often, indeed, a brand is quality. The unique characteristic of fabric, accessories, or material is expensive.