Best Pairs Fendi Sunglasses You'll Wear All the Time

Fendi Sunglasses is a brand that for many is the epitome of luxury and style. This is a brand that has gained worldwide popularity. He became one of the best in his segment because the creators of the company were able to find a middle ground between quality, value, and impeccable elegance.

How perfection came about

The Fendi brand appeared in 1925. Initially, it was a workshop of handbags and fur, which was managed by two people. Eduardo and Adele then opened their small company in one of the streets of Rome. For several decades, the company has developed. Soon, the first Fendi glasses appeared, which quickly gained popularity. In 1946, their daughters joined the parents’ business, who was able to literally “revive” it. Soon, they all together decided to take a young talented designer to their company. His name was Karl Lagerfeld.

Sunglasses and frames

Today, the brand is in demand among the most famous people of our time. Fendi sunglasses are worn by Hollywood stars, world-class politicians, the best singers, and the most famous people from different walks of life. It is a symbol of status and style, a special taste, and understanding that harmony should be in any little thing. It is believed that they give confidence and inspire. Women especially appreciate this brand for its exquisite femininity, beautiful color scheme, and rich finish. Men will like the restraint of bends and the thoughtfulness of details.

Fendi glasses go well with chic and classic styles as well as casual outfits. On the pages of glossy magazines and in the reviews of fashion bloggers, you can regularly see photos of Fendi glasses on celebrities. Fans of the glamorous label include movie, stage, and catwalk stars such as Stella Maxwell, Cheryl Cole, Kate Upton, Anne Hathaway, and Lady Gaga. Today, models in a rounded metal frame, aviators, glasses in a large frame, which the stars love so much, and the “cat’s eye” that is not out of fashion, are popular.

How to identify a fake

Given the popularity of these glasses, you can easily come across a fake. When purchasing in our store, you do not need to be afraid of this. But simple details will help distinguish original glasses from fakes:

  • New Fendi sunglasses are packed in a signature box with a unique logo and font.
  • In the packaging of the original Fendi glasses, you will find the warranty card in the envelope,
  • one side of which is black with the logo of the label in the lower right corner and the other is yellow with a guarantee hologram.
  • Each pair of these glasses is accompanied by a case and a dust cloth with the image of the Fendi logo.
  • Inside the right arm, you will find the logo, the inscription “Made in Italy”, the length of the arm.

The model number is shown on the inside of the left arm, starting with the letter F, followed by the size of the lens and frame.

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