Malwarebytes: Pros and Cons

Every user knows that when surfing the Internet, it’s better to take some safety precautions. Using special software and browser extensions, you can shield your device from viruses, malware, all other types of threats. One of these programs is Malwarebytes. It’s an antivirus that has caused quite a discussion on the web. Today, we’ll go over the main advantages and disadvantages of the software and decide if this is a useful tool.

Top 3 things you need to know about Malwarebytes

  1. Probably every Malwarebytes antivirus review states that it’s not an antivirus in the traditional way. It cannot be as efficient as antiviruses as Bitdefender, Kaspersky, etc. On the other hand, it’s a great solution that you can use in addition to the antivirus of your choice.
  2. The developer has 2 products to offer that include the original Malwarebytes and Malwarebytes Premium. The latter differs by having better malware protection and some extra tools. For example, you’ll get a secure browser.
  3. This program was not built like other antivirus solutions. It doesn’t cover all kinds of online threats and deals with malware only. The test results have proven that it detects and removes zero-day threats, too. In combination with a reliable antivirus, this can bring a great result.

The pros and cons if using Malwarebytes

The advantages of using the program can be summed up in 6 aspects:

  • It deletes zero-day threats fast and effectively,
  • Premium version also comes with ransomware and exploit protection tools,
  • An amazing interface you can easily navigate,
  • A user can get a free version without any time limit,
  • Scans are very quick but thorough,
  • Very light impact on the operating system.

However, there is lots of space for improvement since users often detect drawbacks of the software. The most frequently occurring ones are:

  • The program still fails to detect certain threats,
  • If you decide to upgrade, you’ll have to face a big price tag,
  • A free version is quite limited and doesn’t have the Real-Time Protection feature,
  • It’s not enough to protect your device without any other antivirus software,
  • There is not much information on the independent test results since the labs haven’t tested it lately.

General tips to take into account

The program works with all popular operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android, Chromebook, and iOS. Moreover, it’s compatible with antivirus software. You are sure to know that usually, antivirus programs don’t play well with similar software leading to all kinds of problems and even file corruption. That happens because each one singles out the other one like a virus. Malwarebytes was developed as additional protection and brings good results.

This is a very lightweight tool that doesn’t have much impact on the system. Using the quick scan feature, you can easily get the report and remove malware. The program has a simple and intuitively-navigated interface to simplify the experience.

A free edition offers a decent level of protection, too. You can benefit from it in case you are on a tight budget. However, mind that you won’t get such extras as Malwarebytes Browser Guard. It’s a convenient and helpful extension for browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Using it, you’ll forget about those annoying ads, pop-up windows, and other junk you see on the sites.

The conclusion

Malwarebytes is a rather controversial program. While it works as an antivirus, it’s not enough to protect your desktop or laptop. It’s simple and good at detecting malware. Yet, the software wasn’t designed to look for other types of threats.