The Most Trends of Prada Shoes of 2020

We want to tell you about the Prada Shoes and Clothes Collection spring-summer 2020. This is a significant shift in the approach of Signora Prada to the creation of clothing. Although the main leitmotif in the House has long been the place of women in the world – who we are, where we are, how perception and reality converge and conflict, she usually considers this philosophical problem from a universal point of view.

The history of the fashion house Prada in 1913 began precisely with the production of leather bags and luggage. Miuccia Prada, who continues the family business, also relies heavily on leather accessories. In her collections, there are always several models of bags and shoes.

Shoes trends in 2020

This spring, the Italian suggests focusing on loafers with a steady heel, buckets, and metallic sandals. She also showed a large number of soft-hat hats and sunglasses – one of the most sought after accessory categories of Prada.

Prada show in Milan 2020

A surprise for everyone was the new Prada collection. And the surprise was just the lack of surprise: Miuccia Prada continued to develop the Frankenstein theme, set in the men’s collection, and repeated female images from her off-season collection. And all because the designer has recently been very concerned about the situation in the world, and her mood has not changed lately. That is why the military-style has become one of the “whales” that bear the autumn-winter collection. However, the designer still tries to soften the impression of “militarized” clothes and shoes with the help of romance.

The combined uniform jacket comes with a lace skirt, army boots are accompanied by knitted dresses with bright colors, and images in the style of “total military” complement the handbags with colored fur.

The new collection of Miucci Prada turned out to be truly timeless: the founder rethought the key DNA of the brand and skillfully entered nostalgic trends into the present. On the catwalk, the designer presented classic knitwear, double-breasted jackets with accent buttons, loose tiered dresses, midi skirts, and coats with ferns. Miuccia easily combined gray with cream, shades of dark chocolate with charcoal, ocher with brown, adding bright accents – gold, lilac, emerald, and juicy orange. Accessories deserve special attention: fancy hat with lapels, straw and leather bags, buckets, as well as jewelry with large pearls.

So, Miucci Prada’s new collection is a treatise on self-expression through the “less is more” approach; these are deep thoughts about one of the most pressing problems of the industry – an internal contradiction between consumption, production, and social responsibility. Her starting point in the spring-summer 2020 season was the idea that “a person and his style should be more important than clothing.” The goal is to create a timeless wardrobe: invest wisely in several items and wear them anytime, anywhere, and with anything.

For Prada lovers, this is a dream collection: elegant, chic in its simplicity, and devoid of conceptual tricks. Each image includes a combination of textures (macrame, straw, velvet, knitwear, sequins) and context (beach dress, office suit, silk cocktail dress). This brilliantly thought-out solution helped the designer to collect numerous references to different decades. Tailoring of the seventies looked perfect with luxurious clothing in the style of the twenties and minimalist nineties. The collection is based on perfectly tailored suits.